Still waiting for the real reform bill

I think I suffer from excessive optimism.  I read harsh critiques of Congress’ and the Obama administrationsregulatory efforts, and I can’t help thinking:  “But this can’t be the real plan.”  The stakes are simply too high to fail at this juncture.  So what’s running through my mind is:  They must be playing a deep game, and have a plan for getting a real reform bill passed.

And then I think maybe my optimism is crazy and pessimism takes over.  Maybe gutted laws are all that will pass and American financial infrastructure will be allowed to continuing careening along at this breakneck pace until it goes completely off the rails taking the world economy with it.

It shouldn’t be possible, but does that mean anything in the world we live in?

You tell me which view is crazy:  optimism or pessimism?  And what can we do to ensure that the optimistic view wins out.


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